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Throughout our history our customers have counted on our cleaning service to ensure that their home is kept clean. Whether you are looking for a one-time, recurring, or spring cleaning service, Clean Bee has the package to fit your needs.

Image by Minh Pham

One-Time Cleaning Service:

Sometimes your home or office just needs a good thorough cleaning and you want to relax and let someone else do the dirty work for once. Our one-time cleaning is a perfect choice for such occasions. 

Studio Apartment

Move-in/Move out Cleaning:

Clean Bee offers a comprehensive Move-In / Move-Out cleaning service to fit your needs. Whether you are leaving for the last time or just moving in, our home cleaning services will leave you with a house that sparkles and looks like new.

Clean Kitchen

Recurring Cleaning Service:

Recurring cleaning offers our clients the best value by far. When a client becomes a recurring customer, we are able to offer discounts, as well as reduce the total cleaning time without sacrificing quality. In turn, this allows you to enjoy reduced cost and increased convenience. 

Image by Beazy

Post-Construction Cleaning:

Home improvement is very exciting, your living environment gets better and so does your mood. The only thing that can ruin your joy over that new addition or upgraded kitchen is the trash and dust that is left behind after the work is complete. Don't let this happen to you, hire Clean Bee Services and our crew will restore the pristine environment of your home and reveal the beauty of your completed construction.

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